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What others are saying

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  • “Jessica’s community building skills are among the best in the business. Not only does she understand how to develop real relationships with current and potential customers, she knows how to make them profitable for your business. Community building is no longer an option for brands, it’s a must in the 21st century. Jessica is the one you want teaching how to do it.”

    Matt LaCasse, Content Marketing Strategist
  • “Give her a task and she’ll deliver. Give her a problem and she’ll solve it. She rarely rolls her eyes at my requests, which she could have, and she stays until the job gets done. She’s techy, web savvy, nerdy in the best way and smart as hell.”

    Trevor King, RSA Films’ East Coast Sales Rep
  • “Jessica is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and shows a desire to get things done. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her within the community and social media space.”

    Darren Gough, Feverbee’s Director of Community

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