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15 Tweets You May Have Seen If Twitter Was Around In The 1990s

For those who don’t know, I have a bit of a 90s nostalgia theme going on in this blog, with posts like this and this. I also may be slightly addicted to Twitter. I wanted to have a little fun with a new 90s inspired post. This time, it’s about 15 tweets you may have […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Invest In “Real-Time Marketing”

It all seemed to start with a dunk in the dark in February 2013. The tweet from an infamous cookie brand heard round the world at last year’s Super Bowl. Yes, the famous Oreo dunk in the dark tweet. It was like a simultaneous lightbulb went off for thousands of brand marketers and agency folks. […]

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Five Lessons Learned From Five Years On Twitter

As of this month, I’ve officially been on Twitter for five WHOLE years. As of writing this post, I have written more than 23,000 tweets. (Whoa, I know what you are probably thinking, that’s a lot of tweets.) To say, the last five years have been filled with ups and downs would be a major […]

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6 1/2 Potential Business Uses For Vine

In case you haven’t heard yet, Twitter introduced their brand new video-sharing app, Vine, late last week. Vine allows you to create and share videos. The catch is it can only be 6 seconds. This encourages brevity and creativity. Here’s a few potential ways that PRos, marketers and community managers may be able to use […]

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(STORIFY) The Real Winner Of The Denver Presidential Debate Is . . .

[View the story “The Winner of the First Presidential Debate is . . . ” on Storify]

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Some Thoughts On The Future Of Twitter

As my four year twitter-versy just came and went, I can’t help but think of how my usage on the social media site has changed since I joined on September 11, 2008. Like many, I started out as a total skeptic. I thought there was no way people were going to jump on board. What […]

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Has Klout Gone Krazy? Or Just Its Users?

Yesterday, Klout made some fairly significant changes to their influence score algorithm. Like what most startups do, they wrote up a blog post explaining their reasoning for their changes. Their reason was they wanted to make Klout scores more accurate and transparent. Now, I’m not sure I’m buying that explanation since nowhere in that blog […]

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The Psychology Behind Social TV

Social TV. It’s the new (gag me) buzzword. Every week, there’s another article about social TV and how it’s the future. It’s always the same thing about how Twitter and Getglue are revolutionizing the industry. While this is true to an extent, it’s far from the full story. Getglue and Twitter are just two of […]

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