January Reading Recs

As a copywriter and marketer, I read a lot. Every month I share five thought-provoking articles, podcasts or videos. There’s no lengthy intro or theme just solid content. Ask yourself questions, then question your answers.  What’s the most significant belief you’ve ever changed your mind on? A short, but important reminder of the hidden costs of “free” community platforms A […]

My Word For 2019 –  Focus

There’s something that I’ve grown to love about the week between Christmas and New Year’s.  It feels like time slows down, and everyone becomes more reflective. It is for these reasons that every year since 2014, I’ve deliberately set aside some time that week to evaluate the past year and set my theme for the […]

December Reading Recs: Top 9

I’m trying out a new short(er) format this month. There’s no theme or lengthy intro. Instead, there’s a handful of great articles and videos to check out. What’s more important – talent or discipline? Is social media killing authentic travel experiences? Can you grow a successful startup as a side hustle? This thread should be […]