My Word For 2019 –  Focus

There’s something that I’ve grown to love about the week between Christmas and New Year’s.  It feels like time slows down, and everyone becomes more reflective. It is for these reasons that every year since 2014, I’ve deliberately set aside some time that week to evaluate the past year and set my theme for the […]

December Reading Recs: Top 9

I’m trying out a new short(er) format this month. There’s no theme or lengthy intro. Instead, there’s a handful of great articles and videos to check out. What’s more important – talent or discipline? Is social media killing authentic travel experiences? Can you grow a successful startup as a side hustle? This thread should be […]

July Reading Recs: Turning Pro

I’ve been thinking a lot about the differences between amateurs and professionals recently. Amateurs show up only when they are inspired or want to. Professionals show up and do the work consistently, usually every single day. It is possible to be an amateur in one aspect of your life, and a professional in another. Or […]

June Reading Recs: On Empathy

Empathy is the ultimate superpower. It is what makes relationships last and entire communities flourish. The problem is I think we’re suffering from a major lack of empathy today. Worse- we confuse sympathy with empathy. Empathy is putting yourself in the other person’s shoes and feeling what they are feeling right alongside them. Sympathy is […]