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The No-Fluff Founders’ Guide: How to Avoid 8 Content Marketing Traps

I’ve partnered with close to a hundred companies in the last decade, and these are some common traps that I see founders run into when they are ramping up their content marketing efforts. Problem: Hiring an agency or solopreneur that can’t execute quickly Hiring an agency that spends 2 months or longer on strategy and research. You need a strategy to give you focus and direction. However, focusing too much on strategy before you execute on anything is a red flag and a form of procrastinating. You are losing money.Instead, work with contractors and agencies who are results-focused. Many agencies,

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My process for ghostwriting thought leadership content

Let me preface by saying I’ve easily ghostwritten thought leadership posts for hundreds of founders and executives in my career. (I’m even working on some posts as we speak!)   In my experience, most people approach thought leadership content all wrong and then they get turned off by it and think it is not worth doing at all. First, great thought leadership content is all about the quality of your ideas. (Or put another way, it is about your thinking, not your words) Sure, it needs to be grammatically correct and not riddled with spelling errors, but you can hide mediocre

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How to Write a Great B2B Blog Post Intro

One would imagine that blog post introductions need to be tighter, more interesting, and more relevant to the reader. Instead, most intros sound like college research papers—dry, generic, and repetitive. And, unfortunately for these brands, I’m not the only one who’s noticed. Every time I attend a conference or launch a thread on social media, I receive tons of comments from marketing peers who agree that B2B blog posts lack one key ingredient: a unique, attention-grabbing introduction. I’d like to help with that. If you’re also sick and tired of the college essay conundrum that’s been plaguing B2B blog posts,

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My Theme for 2023 – Level Up

For the past 9 years, I set aside time in late December to reflect on the past year and choose a theme for the year ahead.  Last year, my word was Adventure. For 2023, my theme is Level Up. ✨ In December, I realized I’ve now been working for myself longer than any individual job I’ve ever had. 🤯 I sent my newsletter consistently each month (Barely) 📝 I recorded 25 episodes for The Remote Work Tribe Podcast. (Related: it blows my mind that people in 93 countries that have listened to this podcast. 🎙) I grew my business revenue by 10% YoY.

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Reflecting on my 4th Year In Business: Top Highlights and Lessons Learned

Four years and one month  . . . this is how long I’ve been running my content marketing business.  I’ve now been working for myself longer than any individual job I’ve ever had.  When I went out on my own in November 2018, my goal was to build a sustainable business for the long haul. This goal remains unchanged.  Here is a recap of some key highlights and lessons learned in year 4. Seek out More adventures I went into my fourth year in business with my 2022 theme of adventure. I wanted to dive in and experience new things

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