Now You “Checked In” Where?: Questionable Foursquare Check-ins


Like it or not, location-based social apps are significantly growing in popularity. Recently, Foursquare reached another milestone: 100 million check-ins. That’s a lot of people checking into a lot of places. With all this check-in fever, there are several places that we really shouldn’t be checking into on Foursquare.

The ER
This is a bit more concerning than it is creepy. This is probably the last thing you should be thinking if you have to make a trip down to the ER.
Funeral Homes
Enough said! This is just downright wrong. I mean seriously what kind of person checks in at a funeral.
Adult Film Stores
This is just plain creepy. It’s probably best to keep your “porn” fetishes to yourself instead of broadcasting them to the world online.
Courthouse and/or Jail
Unless you are an attorney representing a client, there is ABSOLUTELY no reason to check into the courthouse or even worse the jail. I mean why would you choose to publicly highlight the fact that you got caught breaking the law.
That being said, cops and parole officers would have a much easier time keeping up with convicted felons if all CRIMINALS were forced to check into Foursquare. That’s just a random thought, though.
The Restroom
Let me just throw this out there. I NEVER NEED, NOR WANT, TO KNOW WHEN ANYONE IS TAKING A DUMP. Just resist the urge to check in at a restroom, please!
During Sex
Enough said, this is just another great example of TOO MUCH INFORMATION. These are likely the same people to be featured on the website,

Are there any places that I’m forgetting? What places would you never check into on Foursquare?

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