What I Learned From Social Fresh

Well for starters, this was my first time attending a Social Fresh conference. I didn’t really know what to expect. But after attending this conference, I learned a ton and met some great people, who completely inspire me.

The biggest thing I learned from this conference is TO NEVER STOP LEARNING. I can’t stress this point enough. In the social media world, things are always changing. What may be all the rage this month may be completely obsolete in six months. Going to this conference is a great reminder to keep on reading case studies and learning what other individuals and companies are doing.

One of those incredible companies I got to learn a whole lot more about at Social Fresh-Charlotte was Blue Sky Factory. DJ (@djwaldow), Christopher (@cspenn) and Greg (@gregcangialosi) are doing amazing work in the email marketing and social media realms. In Greg’s presentation, he noted that 22% of their revenue for this year was brought in by social media. That’s incredible. After talking to Christopher and listening to Greg’s presentation, this is definitely a company I’ll be watching more closely.

In addition, I can’t write this blog post without mentioning Amber Naslund’s (@ambercadabra) keynote presentation- “Now Revolution.” There were so many “gems” in her presentation. Here are a few of the highlights.

“Everybody now is a brand ambassadar. Your spokespeople is anyone who is attached to your brand.” -@ambercadabra

Your business wouldn’t dream of ignoring customer phone calls. Listening online is “answering the new telephone.” ~ @ambercadabra

We need crisis response plans more than ever. There’s crises for a reason. You don’t see them coming. ~@ambercadabra

“This is an unprecedented time in business. . . So, anybody can do this. Your business is a part of the NOW REVOLUTION.” ~@ambercadabra

I have thoroughly enjoyed this conference. I can’t wait for Social Fresh-Atlanta in November.

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