7 Places You Should Never Tweet From


Let’s face it. It’s tough to be a Twitter addict. You find yourself oblivious to the outside world, buried in your phone, ipad or laptop tweeting feverishly anytime and anywhere. But, there are certain places where nobody should be tweeting from.

1. The Bathroom

I’m not sure about you, but this is kind of unnecessary, not to mention just a little creepy. You wouldn’t talk on the phone (hopefully) while on the crapper, so why tweet or text from it?

2. Funerals 

I can think of plenty of great places to livetweet, including conferences, breaking news events, webinars, etc. However, your friend or family member’s funeral is definitely not one of them. Get off the phone and pay your respects.

3. While Operating A Motor Vehicle

I get it. You are a fantastic multitasker. Focusing on just the road alone is boring, and you want to spice it up with some tweeting. Rest assured, it really is for the best to focus your undivided attention on the damn road unless you want to be livetweeting your impending car accident or worse.

4. The Gym 

Your thumbs shouldn’t be the only thing getting a workout. “Nuff said.

5. The Emergency Room 

Chances are if you are in the ER, you have more pressing things to worry about than tweeting. Focus on your medical needs or the medical needs of the person you are with first before livetweeting your ordeal. Negative bonus points, if your livetweeting at the ER can make me squirm or feel sick (a.k.a. any all tweets about bodily functions).

6. The Bar 

Nothing good can ever come out of drunk tweeting. The world doesn’t need to know about your crush on so and so. Or, your friend’s ongoing disaster with the dorm room nightmare and staple, Tequila.

7. The Courtroom 

We get it. Whether you are a witness, juror, family member or you have been convicted of some sort of crime, you probably don’t want to be there. You are probably looking for ways to pass the time. Live tweeting the court procedures or making snarky comments about people in the courtroom are likely not the best ideas. Oh snap, could even lead to legal ramifications, especially if you are a juror in a high profile trial. If you do decide to do this and face criminal charges, please don’t tweet about it from the big house.

Am I missing anything? Please leave your suggestions below in the comment section. 

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