7 Reasons Why You Are Being “Unfriended” On Facebook

Unfriending on Facebook can be like a virtual bitchslap. Many people take this stuff seriously. They get really offended when they lose a friend or two on Facebook. Find yourself being unfriended more and more lately? Here’s seven possible reasons why.

1. You still find it hilarious to poke people. 

“Poking” may be the most annoying social media behavior. You wouldn’t go up to your friend at the bar or  at Walmart, and randomly start poking them in the back. So why do it on Facebook?

2. The Chronic Event Sender 

Facebook events are best used for actual parties and get-togethers for friends, who all live in the same geographical area. They should also only be sent to friends, who live in the same geographic region where the event is taking place. (I.e. There is no reason why a NYC girl, like me, should be getting event invites to a party in Seattle.) Mind you, they should all be actual, legit events with a specific time, date and location.

Please, please stop sending me event invites asking me to vote for you, your BFF or your BFF’s second cousin’s brother’s best friend.

3. The Causes Champion 

This is a similar violator to the chronic event sender. We all have that one friend, who is always quick to jump on the next big cause bandwagon. Stop AIDS in Africa. Check. Feed the homeless. Check Check. Help cure a disease that no one has ever heard of and can only be contracted by making out with a baboon. Check Check Check.

It’s great that you are so willing to help out a wide array of causes, but if you broadcast and mass send out event notifications for every single one of them, your Facebook friends will get event/cause fatigue and start tuning out all your updates.

 4. Chronic “Like” button abuser

The “like” button is there for a reason. But it loses its meaning if you insist on liking everything from everybody you have ever talked to in the last six years. Also, it’s kind of creepy.

 5. The Stalker 

Admit it. We have all been guilty of this from time to time. It’s usually because you are curious what an ex is up too. That’s perfectly normal in moderation. I”m talking about the full-blown creeper. The one, who stalks your every move on Facebook and always leaves comments or likes. Extra bonus points, if they leave comments when you disclose your location. Watch out!  It may be time to hire a body guard.

6. The Overzealous Over Sharer.  

I don’t care how close we are in real life. There are certain things I never need to see on Facebook. This includes anything related to a mysterious medical ailment or bodily fluids. Negative bonus points if your status update can make me gag or queasy.

If you really, really feel the  need to share your medical ailments in every last detail, feel free to join this new social network (a.k.a. when Facebook meets WebMD).

 7. Zynga Addict

Again, we all have the one friend who spends hours upon hours on Farmville. Or some other Zynga creation. Now, it’s fine if you want to waste your life tending to an imaginary farm. But, please stop sending me invites and telling me about it.

What are some other reasons why you unfriend people? Please leave them in the comments section below. 


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John Trader
John Trader

Good post Jessica, and a reminder to all of us that Facebook tends to bring out the narcissist in everyone. It would be nice if Facebook came with a "Handbook of Etiquette" that outlined the do's and dont's which was a mandatory read and included some of these transgressions before people started using the platform, wouldn't it?

Erwin van Gorkum
Erwin van Gorkum

People who only can complain. I'm getting fed up with posts about the (bad) weather, feeling sick, or not wanting to go to work.