Reflections On Life After College: 2 Years Later


As the two year anniversary of my college graduation swiftly approaches, I find myself reflecting back on all the things that have happened to me in the past two years.

Started using Twitter my last semester of college. Graduated college. Moved into my first apartment without a roommate. Got a part time job at a TV station while job searching and figuring out what I wanted to do. In the crazy process, started this blog. Moved to a tiny beach town in Georgia, knowing absolutely no one, for my first real grown-up job. Learned a ton. Got laid off. Moved to NYC nine months ago. (Best decision ever). Landed my second (and current) job, which is a near-dream job for me.  And learning more everyday than I ever thought possible from people, way smarter than me. 

Yeah, to say, the last two years have been “an emotional rollercoaster” full of serious ups and downs would be the understatement of the century. While I’ve definitely made my fair share of mistakes, I can honestly say I’ve learned more in the past two years than any other time in my life. It’s the first time I’ve truly been on my own.

And, it’s been the most exhilarating, exciting and at times scary time of my life, thus far. The biggest lesson I learned is that life isn’t just like college, high school or grade school. It’s not full of exams, five page essays, and homework assignments. There’s no A or F, pass or fail system. You don’t have a teacher to tell you what to do. Or a textbook to tell you the exact solution for every problem.

Instead (as it should be), life is full of twist and turns. . .  backroads, tunnels and highways. I discovered that my world is wide open. I’m the only one, who can determine my path, and ultimately what’s best for me.

While I’m truly blessed to have some of the most supportive friends, family and mentors, who aren’t afraid to be completely honest with me, I’ve learned that my “support network” can only help me so much. They can listen to me and give me their advice. But, I’m the one, who ultimately has to make decisions and determine what is going to be the right path for me. That’s been the hardest thing for me to grasp.

I honestly can’t wait to see what the next two years and beyond hold for me. If it’s anything like the past two years, it’s sure to be one hell of a ride. I’m going to try and embrace every second of it.

Whether you graduated in 1970 or a new grad, what’s the biggest lesson you have learned since graduating college? Please share in the comment section below.  

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  • i haven’t graduated yet, but the thought certainly scares me into wanting to be a fifth year. this little bubble of life for four years has to end sometime, and sadly that time is rapidly approaching as the semesters go on. the main change i expect to see is job searching. a sandwich shop won’t quite cut it… not really sure how to even go about finding a job after graduating.

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