4 Things Kids Can Teach Us About Marketing


There’s a video that’s been making the rounds this week with a little kid’s commentary on brand logos. This seems like a fluffy, feel-good, cute video, which it is. But, there’s some nuggets of wisdom that marketers and advertisers can get from watching this video.

1. First impressions matter.
First impressions matter a great deal. The best logos are the ones that are simple, easily recognizable, and keep true to the brand’s core culture and/or values.

The Apple Store, McDonalds, Starbucks, Nike, etc: What do these logos all have in common? They are highly recognizable. Everybody knows McDonald’s logo is a golden arch (that resembles a French fry). Or that the Apple logo is an apple with a bite in it. That’s what makes an iconic brand.

2. Brand association matters a lot.
Whether your target consumer is a 5 year old or 55 year old, they may not always know who your brand is. But, they probably will know someone who the brand associates or partners with. For instance in this video, the little girl associates the Pepsi logo with her favorite pizza place. And the BP logo with gas.

3. Don’t over-think it.
Some of the brands, which have more complex logos, were harder for the little kid to place. For instance, the little girl confused Puma, Greyhound and Jaguar. She thought all the logos were a cheetah. These companies couldn’t be more different, but yet all the logos look very similar. This can lead to a little confusion (in small cases) to a lack of brand identity (at its worst).

4. Make your brand memorable.
The logo doesn’t necessarily have to be amazing. But if a customer sees the logo every time they turn on the TV at their best friend’s house, they will pick up on it. That builds brand awareness. If they have enough positive memories, they will be more likely to buy that brand.

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