Top Seven: Must-Follow Bloggers

A couple of weeks ago, I read a post from Heather Whaling, where she talked about her must-follows. These were the pros she paid extra close attention to on their blogs and across social media. After reading her post, I was inspired to share my my own must-follows. With these six (well technically seven bloggers), I can’t get enough of their content on their blogs, Twitter, Facebook, G+, Pinterest, etc.

1-2. Heather Whaling(@prtini) and Justin Goldsborough (@jgoldsborough)

I couldn’t do this list and not include Heather. I first “met” her through the #pr20chat that she runs with Justin (Another must-follow). Besides running a totally amazing PR/marketing chat every Tuesday night, both Heather and Justin also have high-level, insightful PR/communications blogs.

3. Mitch Joel (@MitchJoel)

Ever heard of Six Pixels of Separation? Probably most of you. It’s the name of Mitch’s kickass podcast and blog as well as the name of his first book. He has a second book (CTRL ALT DELETE) in the works. You better believe, I’ll be reading it. Mitch is a content machine. He publishes a podcast once a week, and posts much more frequently on his blog. And, I’ve yet to read a post that was anything less than brilliant.

4. David Armano (@Armano)

He consistently tweets out interesting articles from around the web. It’s not just Edelman Digital stuff- where he works- either. He truly has a knack for curating great content. Then when he does write a post on his blog, which is a bit less frequent, it’s usually spot on.

5. Jay Baer (@jaybaer)

Convince and Convert is one of the first marketing and social media blogs I started reading about three years ago. There’s a reason I keep reading it almost daily. It’s that good.

6. Amber Naslund (@ambercadabra)

Brass Tack Thinking is another blog I can’t get enough. It’s not your traditional “business-y” blog. It’s highly personal filled with Amber’s own experiences. Yet it’s well-written and chocked full of great career and life lessons. An absolute must-read.

7. Arik Hanson (@arikhanson) 

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Communications Conversations, Arik’s blog. Along with Amber and Jay’s blogs, this was one of the first blogs I started reading routinely. There’s a reason his content is that insightful. I especially like that he isn’t afraid of writing bold predictions and posts. And, the fact that he’s a fellow Instagram addict doesn’t hurt either.

What are your must-read bloggers? Share them in the comment section below.