6 1/2 Potential Business Uses For Vine

In case you haven’t heard yet, Twitter introduced their brand new video-sharing app, Vine, late last week. Vine allows you to create and share videos. The catch is it can only be 6 seconds. This encourages brevity and creativity. Here’s a few potential ways that PRos, marketers and community managers may be able to use Vine.

1. Elevator Pitch

2. The world’s most concise how-to guide

3. 6-second video resume

4. Provide a tour of your trade show/conference booth

5. Sharing special promo codes for your customers

6. Quick product video demos

And, if all else fails.

6 1/2: You can always “vine” your food .

How are you using Vine? Please share below in the comment section.

Bonus: While this isn’t a Vine, I couldn’t resist sharing this awesome video with you guys. This may be the greatest dance cam video ever. This little boy has some serious dance moves.


Wow that's great news