#ProductBuild: Halfway Done And Writing, Writing And More Writing


I’m writing this mere hours before the big, crystal ball drops in Times Square, and we (well to my U.S. based readers) ring in a brand, new year. So many will set out to tackle their New Year’s Resolutions bright and early tomorrow morning.

While I don’t set New Year’s Resolutions (more on that in an upcoming post, I promise), I am more gung-ho than ever to get 2015 rolling. I have some big, (admittedly scary) goals set this year. Many of which I’ve been planning and working towards for the last few months. One of which is to launch this product to all of you guys.

So, where am I at since my last update? I’ve been doing my best to tackle my inner comparison syndrome demons and keep plugging away at making progress towards this goal. While it’s not been easy, I’m making progress every single day that I show up to write or check a task off my launch checklist. At the time of writing this, I am more than 50% done with writing all the course content.

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It’s far from perfect, but I am proud of how it’s shaping up. It’s starting to become a real product and no longer this crazy vision that I’ve had cooking inside my head for months. That’s something that is pushing me forward despite all my hesitations and fears.

I don’t know if people will buy it. (I honestly hope they do!) I just want to provide as much value as I possibly can.

With the writing getting closer to being done, I am spending a bit more time thinking about how I want the beta process to shape up. I know I want eyes on this content and as much honest feedback as people are willing to give me . In the end of the day, the course is only going to be as good as the people who use it. So, getting feedback early on in the process (probably even before I am 100% ready) is going to be critical.

I want the feedback to come from both experts as well as potential customers, as that should hopefully provide a good, balanced mix. From the beta group, I’ll then take the feedback, iterate it over the course of a few weeks and then soft launch it to the public, if all goes according to plan.

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Happy New Year!


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