7 Things You Should Really Stop Doing on Snapchat


I started this snarky series way back in 2011 with an innocent, little post poking fun at a few things that drive people crazy on Twitter. 

It is been a long time since I’ve done one. Seeing how Snapchat has become one of my three favorite social media apps, I thought now was as good a time as any to bring back this old series.  No really, I’m slightly addicted to Snapchat.  (Feel free to add me on Snapchat. My id is jessicamalnik)

I thought I would have a little fun by sharing these 7 things you really should stop doing on Snapchat. Note: This is purely for fun, if any of these things give you immense satisfaction by all means, keep doing them. Just don’t complain if people – like me – unfriend you.

1. Make all your Snapchat stories 10 minutes long. 
I get it. You had a crazy busy day. You just had to share all of it – like all of it- with us on Snapchat.

I’m already too ADD as it is. As someone who tends to binge watch a bunch of stories at the end of the day (for productivity reasons), if your story is more than 2 minutes long, you probably have lost me unless you are an amazing storyteller.

Learn to self-edit. It’s a useful skill, really I promise?  😎

2. Start every single snap with “Hey Snapchat fam,” “Hey Snappies” etc. 
Having a catchy name or a signature tagline that you start each Snapchat story with in the morning or end with at night is great. But when you start every single snap in your story with it, it just makes you sound like a wannabe music star when in reality we all know you are really just a geeky dad driving a “Swagger wagon” in like suburban Illinois. 

3.  Spam all your Snapchat friends with “mass snaps” 
I could go on a long rant about this one, but I think Amy over at Savvy Sexy Social does it way better. 🙂

4. Repost every single snap on Instagram stories,  Twitter, and Facebook.  
Repurposing your best content is smart. When you repurpose every single snap, you are taking away one of the key draws for people to follow you on Snapchat. The fact that’s stories disappear in 24 hours creates instant FOMO.

5. Snapping from the bathroom 
I’m not entirely sure who started this trend, but I’m seeing a lot more people snap from the bathroom in their stories. Take care of your business first and then snap. Snapping from the bathroom is just kind of weird and really gross. (A quick PSA: Please remember to wash your hands before you start snapping again!)

6. Snapping while driving  
Enough already. Put the damn phone down and focus on the road. No snap is worth potentially injuring yourself or worse someone else over.  (Note: This also applies to texting, Instagramming, Facebooking and oh yeah playing Pokemon Go).

Is the message that you are sending or game that you are playing so important that it is worth potentially hurting yourself or others?

7. Don’t be that “guy” or “girl!” 
You know the one I’m talking about. The one that spends all their time talking about themselves and how great they are. They never watch other people’s stories because they are too obsessed with adding to their own.  Yeah, just don’t be that guy or girl. Nobody likes that person.

What are your biggest Snapchat pet peeves? 

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