What I’ve Been Reading: January Top Picks


On the last Sunday of every month, I share recommendations to 4 thought-provoking things I read – or in some cases – listened to in the last month. Here’s some of my recent faves.

1. “We come for the benefit, and stay for the community.” I can’t stop thinking about this quote from this Meetup post.  A must-read for any community builders.

2. Practice makes perfect. While you have to repeat the same thing over and over, one of the best ways to get even better is to add artificial contrasts to your deliberate practice.

3. I have a soft spot for annual review posts. This post from Elisa Doucette is one of the best ones I read this year. Here’s a quote from the post.
[box]“You are someone who always seems so put together. Even when you’re not, we all know you’re strong, so we assume you’ll figure it out. When things are that bad, you need to be honest with the people closest to you, let us know that things really aren’t ok. Otherwise, we’ll go on with our lives, never knowing how much you need someone in yours.”[/box]

4. Last month, I shared a great introductory guide to blockchain. This month I thought I would stir the pot with this equally well-written post from Mr. Money Mustache about why bitcoin is “stupid.” You know it is controversial as there’s more than 600 blog comments about it.

I’ll wrap up with a couple of posts that I wrote on the web.

Finally, what are you reading right now? Send me an email here. The only thing I love more than reading is getting thoughtful recommendations for what I should read next.

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