What I’ve Been Reading: April Reading Recs


On the last Sunday of every month, I share recommendations to 4 thought-provoking things I read – or in some cases – listened to in the last month.

This month’s post is loosely centered around professional development.

1. Doing things that don’t scale is common advice for startup founders. What many people don’t realize is it is also a way to keep your optimism about your company from borderline delusion. One example is to spend time reading all customer feedback. 

2. So many of us spend so much time looking for “the big break” or praying to be an “overnight success story.” The reality is there is no such thing. The “big breaks”that you see are the culmination of years – often times decades- of hard work honing their craft.

3. Promoting your content is tricky, and it is getting even harder as more and more content is produced each year. This post from Sujan Patel has some great tips on how to market your content in 2018.

4 The only way to grow is to keep learning. That’s easier said than done. It is far too easy to get complacent. This post from Derek Sivers is a must-read.

What are you reading right now? Drop me an email, and let me know. The only thing I love more than reading is getting thoughtful recommendations for what I should read next.

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