March Reading Recs: The Compound Effect, Branding, and Delivering Value


Too many marketers today are focusing on best practices, case studies to follow or “shortcuts” instead of finding ways to deliver real value.

How do you deliver value?

  • 1. Read a lot.
  • 2. Ask questions.
  • 3. Deeply understand the needs and pain points of your customers and prospects.
  • 4. Be willing to run experiments.
  • 5. Fail often, get back up and try again.

Here are eight things that I thought were worth sharing this month.

Just For Kicks

  • Remember Miss Cleo? I bet you haven’t thought about psychics in a while. I know I haven’t until I stumbled across this segment on Last Week Tonight. This video is worth watching for the psychic fails alone, but it is also an in-depth look at an incredibly shady business model.
  • To end this month’s newsletter on a more positive note, this might be the cutest animal video you’ll see this month.

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