Best of February Reading Recs: Marketing Strategy, Onboarding Emails and Remote Work 💪


As someone who has been working remotely for almost 5 years, I think this decade will be when remote work truly becomes mainstream. 

However, when you have a distributed team, excellent team communication becomes even more critical. Here are three things I’ve learned to make the process smoother. 

1. Default to async (written) communication.

2. When you have meetings in the office, make sure to record it for any remote employees. Share any highlights and action items in Slack.

3. For meetings where there is at least one remote team member present, have everyone log in on their computers. This prevents the awkwardness that can happen when you have three or more people sitting in a conference room together and others joining in remotely.

Here are five more things worth reading this month. 

Just For Fun
In lighter news, here are three of my favorite pet TikToks this month. 

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