May Reading Recs: Remote Water Cooler Moments, Email Marketing KPIs & Site Conversion Benchmarks


I think we’re witnessing one of the biggest workplace shifts in history. 

Many companies saw significant productivity and efficiency gains with their teams working remotely over the past couple of months. That’s in less than ideal circumstances during a PANDEMIC. 

If you are seeing productivity wins now, just imagine how much more companies will accomplish working remotely under “normal circumstances.” 

This rise in remote work will have tremendous downstream effects from how teams approach hiring and team-building to innovation and how they produce and market new products. 

For hiring and team-building, this presents tremendous opportunities for both companies and individuals alike. 

Remote work is to hiring what the Internet did for creators.

It levels the playing field.

It is about finding the right talent, NOT being in the right city.

Here are five things worth reading this month.  

Just For Fun
In lighter news, here are three of my favorite TikToks this month. 

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