June Reading Recs: On Momentum, SEO strategies, & Marketing to Gen Z 💪


Let’s talk about momentum. 

Every year since 2014, I choose a word or phrase to be my theme for the year ahead. 

Momentum is my theme for this year.

While this year certainly hasn’t gone to plan, this theme is probably even more relevant than it was back in January. 

Ultimately when I think about building momentum, I think about creating my own workflows to do better work, keep learning (and growing) and drive forward progress. 

Momentum is what gets you unstuck and propels you forward when you are in the middle of a daunting project, full of self-doubt, or experiencing a bout of imposter syndrome. 

Here are five things worth reading this month. 

Just For Fun
In lighter news, here are three of my favorite TikToks this month. 

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