July Reading Recs: Remote Work Trends, TikTok, & The Homebody Economy


We’re currently living in the homebody economy.

While I do think some things will come back like visiting friends and family in public places, travel, and attending live sports, there is no doubt there are permanent shifts happening that will stick around long after the pandemic fizzles out. 

However, I think there are many trends that will stick around or accelerate long after the pandemic fizzles out. Here are a few of my predictions: 

1. Wearing a face mask will be normalized –  Just like 9/11 made X-ray machines a permanent fixture in airports, I think wearing face masks will be normalized in public around the world, especially when people have colds. 

2. Cash becomes obsolete –  I won’t dive into all of the privacy and ethical implications here, but I think contactless payments are the future. You won’t need credit cards or cash. Everything will be paid through your phone. 

3. Remote work stays mainstream for all office jobs, not just in tech – This will have huge implications on all things from hiring and building teams to innovation, creativity, and real estate.  

4. Malls and commercial real estate will have to reinvent themselves – Let’s face it. Malls were already in deep trouble. The pandemic just finished them off. In the short term, many spaces will look ghost towns. However, savvy entrepreneurs and investors will snap up these locations for a bargain and turn them into ghost kitchens, eCommerce warehouses, experiential shops, and communal gathering spaces (i.e. think food courts, trampoline parks, family entertainment centers, escape rooms, etc.)   

5. Convenience apps are here to stay – When the shelter in place orders first started, I had mixed feelings about apps like Instacart. While it is about 30% more expensive, it feels worth it in the sheer convenience and time saved. I can see myself using it a couple of times a month for the bigger grocery trips long after this pandemic ends. Then, just going to the grocery store for quick top-ups. 

What are some of the pandemic trends that you think will stick around? 

Here are five things worth reading this month. 

Just For Fun

In lighter news, I miss Vine right about now. I wonder if in the not-to-distant feature, I”ll be sharing Instagram Reels instead of TikToks.  

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