September reading recs: AI Copywriting, SaaS Audience Building & Remote Work Downsides


Will AI replace copywriters?

Every few months, I’ll come across an article about how AI is going to replace XX type of writer. However, these claims are full of hot air once you look deeper at these apps.

Let’s be clear – AI can do some repetitive tasks really well.

For example, I rely on AI for transcribing audio calls all the time. When I view these transcripts, there is a lot of things that AI misses out on, such as context, tone, visual cues, etc. There is also usually some funny typos.

Until robots can be programmed to think as creatively and be as empathic as humans, it won’t be a real threat to any creative professional. Not to mention, if robots get to the point where they are as empathic (or more) than humans, it will open up a much larger can of worms in society. (That’s for another email.) 

Here are five things worth reading this month. ​

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