November reading recs: Remote Community Building, Working In Public & Team Retreats in 2020


I’m a strong advocate for “working in public.”

However, the hardest part about this concept is knowing what to share and even more importantly when to share it.

There are some things you should NEVER share – especially if it paints someone else in a negative light.

In addition, oversharing can be just as detrimental.

Let’s give an example.

Let’s say you are the founder of an early-stage SaaS startup that helps people manage their personal finances.

In addition to sharing a behind-the-scenes look at the new features you are building as well as your own investment tips and tricks, you post long sob stories about how you’ve accrued multi-six figures of debt.

If a prospect sees this information, they may have some doubts about your credibility as a personal finance expert. Even if your software is amazing, they may not be comfortable using it.

This is an extreme example.

I think many people don’t think about how to apply working in public in a way that is relatable and builds trust.
Here are five things worth reading this month.

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