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6 1/2 Potential Business Uses For Vine


In case you haven’t heard yet, Twitter introduced their brand new video-sharing app, Vine, late last week. Vine allows you to create and share videos. The catch is it can only be 6 seconds. This encourages brevity and creativity. Here’s a few potential ways that PRos, marketers and community managers may be able to use […]

7 Places You Should Never Tweet From

Let’s face it. It’s tough to be a Twitter addict. You find yourself oblivious to the outside world, buried in your phone, ipad or laptop tweeting feverishly anytime and anywhere. But, there are certain places where nobody should be tweeting from. 1. The Bathroom I’m not sure about you, but this is kind of unnecessary, […]

The Psychology Behind Twitter Following

Recently, a very well-known Internet marketer published a blog post about his so-called Twitter Unfollow experiment. Chris Brogan claimed the reason that he was unfollowing his 130,000 followers was because he was getting way too many spammy auto DMs. Whatever his reasoning may be, it’s ultimately his choice. But, that didn’t stop a massive amount […]