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Reflecting on my 4th Year In Business: Top Highlights and Lessons Learned

Four years and one month  . . . this is how long I’ve been running my content marketing business.  I’ve now been working for myself longer than any individual job I’ve ever had.  When I went out on my own in November 2018, my goal was to build a sustainable business for the long haul. This goal remains unchanged.  Here is a recap of some key highlights and lessons learned in year 4. Seek out More adventures I went into my fourth year in business with my 2022 theme of adventure. I wanted to dive in and experience new things

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I’ve partnered with close to a hundred companies in the last decade, and these are some common traps that I see solo in-house marketers and tiny in-house teams run into when they need to hire agencies, consultants, and freelancers as they scale up. PROBLEM: Trying to create thought leadership content out of thin area Way too many marketing teams just summarize and report on the top 10 articles on a topic and call it thought leadership. Real thought leadership has to have a strong POV and some originality nugget. Instead, hire great thinkers and interviewers, who can write. Compelling thought

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I taught an ai robot to write blog posts like me. Here is what I learned.

As a copywriter and content strategist, I have two choices. I can either be quick to dismiss the new tools that claim they can replace writers or, I dive in headfirst to learn them. Such is the case with AI writing tools. However, tweets, like this one, only add to my skepticism. But, I put aside my skepticism and embraced learning the ins and outs of a few of these AI tools. To date, I’ve tried a variety of AI writing tools, such as (now Jasper) and, to test if they could be a serious replacement for writers

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My word for 2022 – Adventure

For the past 8 years, I set aside time in late December to reflect on the past year and choose a theme for the year ahead.  For 2022, my word is Adventure. Note: I’ve shared my theme for the year in a blog post since 2014. My theme in 2014 was change and resiliency. In 2015, it was vulnerability. In 2016 it was mindfulness. In 2017, it was honey over vinegar.  In 2018, it was process.  In 2019, it was focus. In 2020, it was momentum. And in 2021, it was consistency. Professionally, 2021 was the best year I’ve ever had. It felt like a lot of the hard

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Reflecting on my 3rd Year In Business: Top Highlights and Lessons Learned

I’ve now been in business for myself for over 1,100 days. As I enter my 4th year in business, I’m going to share some of the key highlights and lessons learned from my 3rd year in business. Since day 1 when I went out on my own in November 2018, my goal is to build a business for the long haul. Now in my 4th year, that mission remains the same. In my first year in business, I was obsessed with hitting $100k in annual revenue. I actually managed to nearly double “my salary” from my last job but I

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