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As I enter my 3rd year in business, I’m going to share some of the key highlights and lessons learned on days 365 – 730.  I started my business in November 2018.   In my first year in business, I had some early wins.  However, I got to that point through intense focus and working A LOT OF HOURS. It wasn’t a sustainable way to grow and run a business. 

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How current search trends are predicting the future of remote work

COVID-19 has taken the way we view office work and turned it on its head overnight. Employees used to seeing their coworkers in person each day were suddenly thrown into a remote work setting. With the abrupt change came not just a change in scenery at the “office”, but a different way of collaborating with teammates throughout the entire work process.

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An Introvert’s Guide to Networking

As an introvert, talking to a bunch of people who I just met and engaging in small talk can be a bit daunting. Sometimes, just the thought of “networking” at a conference or event has me thinking about skipping it in favor of cozy sweatpants, Netflix and maybe following along from the event hashtag.

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11 Excellent Brand Marketing And Copywriting Talks You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Chances are – we’ve all heard the great speeches like the late Steve Jobs’ Think Different and David Foster Wallace’s “This is Water.” However, digging through Youtube and TED, there are thousands of great brand-building, marketing and copywriting talks online. In this post, I’m highlighting 11 excellent marketing and copywriting talks.

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