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An Introvert’s Guide to Networking

As an introvert, talking to a bunch of people who I just met and engaging in small talk can be a bit daunting. Sometimes, just the thought of “networking” at a conference or event has me thinking about skipping it in favor of cozy sweatpants, Netflix and maybe following along from the event hashtag.

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11 Excellent Brand Marketing And Copywriting Talks You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Chances are – we’ve all heard the great speeches like the late Steve Jobs’ Think Different and David Foster Wallace’s “This is Water.” However, digging through Youtube and TED, there are thousands of great brand-building, marketing and copywriting talks online. In this post, I’m highlighting 11 excellent marketing and copywriting talks.

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My Word For 2020 – Momentum

Every year since 2014, I’ve deliberately set aside some time in late December or early January to evaluate the past year and set my theme for the year ahead.  For the past 6 of those years, I’ve shared my theme for the year in a blog post. My theme in 2014 was change and resiliency. In 2015, it was vulnerability. In 2016 it was mindfulness. In 2017, it was honey over vinegar.  In 2018, it was process. This past year – focus. I start out by asking a serious of macro-level questions. What are the things that went well in 2019?

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Best of December Reading Recs: How to build wealth, public speaking tips, and price bundling

I’ve heard many of my fellow entrepreneur friends say that starting a business is like a rollercoaster ride. While it made sense, I don’t think I fully internalized that until this year. I started my business in November 2018. Now in my 13th month, I can say that I experienced more intense ups and downs than the prior three years combined. While I had some wins (especially in the second half of the year), I also made a ton of mistakes and have lots of “opportunities for growth.” In this post, I reflect on my first year in business as

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