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September Reading Recs: OKRs, Remote Work and Edgy Marketing

Are you focusing on the important or the urgent right now? In our obsession with productivity, it is never been easier to only work on the “urgent tasks.” It may even feel good to plow through your inbox and check off all of the items that get added onto your to-do list every week. However, success is all about focus, execution, and prioritizing the important tasks. The most important tasks are rarely urgent. They are the things that often get punted from one week to the next because they are hard, uncomfortable and maybe even a little scary, *** Here are

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The WIIFM Principle – How to make your marketing stand out

WIIFM stands for – “What’s in it for me? However if you want your marketing to stand out and resonate with more prospects and customers, you need to be thinking about what’s in it for THEM, not YOU. Another way to think about this is – why should anyone care about what you are creating? What is WIIFM? While it is usually not intentional, most content that marketers write is pretty self-serving.  You wouldn’t go to a bar and simply shout at the top of your lungs about how amazing you are, your last accomplishment and why you’re God’s gift

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August Reading Recs: Startup Acquisitions, Technical SEO, & Habits of Successful Content Marketers

Hope you are having a great 250th day of 2019! Here are some links to make it even better. *** Here are five more things worth reading this month.  Technical SEO audits don’t have to be scary. Here is how to conduct a DIY one.  If you want to scale, you need build scalable processes. This post is a great read if you have ever wanted to organize a conference or large-scale event.  The media only talks about the billion dollar startup acquisitions. The reality is that these stories are super rare. One startup founder talks about the realities of her exit.   Want

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The Future of Voice Search: A Text to Voice Software Experiment

Should you record an audio version of each piece of content you produce?  As voice search is expected to make up 50% of all web searches by 2020, I wanted to set out and understand what this means for the future of SEO and content marketing.  While it’s still a fairly new frontier, this Google Home case study revealed that many of the same factors that rank for traditional searches are helping websites show up in audio searches. For example, websites that load quickly get the upper hand in both voice and traditional searches. But, there are differences in voice

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July Reading Recs: A Content Mill Experiment, Fake Instagram Ads and Purpose-Driven Marketing Campaigns

I have strong feelings about content mills, but I put my feelings aside to run an experiment. So, I hired 7 “content mills” to write the same article, analyzed the results, compared them to the top 3 ranking posts for a specific keyword and then shared what I learned in this monster case study. *** Here are five things worth reading this month. What caused this SaaS founder to almost walk away from his $500k MRR startup? I have an entire section of my copy swipe file devoted to brand and content style guidelines. Help Scout’s updated style guidelines are one of my favorites. Woke washing – how purpose-driven marketing

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