Product Marketing Copy

Launching new features, but your customers have no idea about any of them?

Don’t have the budget or resources to hire a dedicated full-time product marketing manager?

Does writing copy for your new features always seems to fall to the bottom of your to-do list?

I totally get it. That’s where I come in as your fractional product marketing copywriter. I work on either a per-project or a month-to-month retainer. So, you only have to work with me when you have specific product marketing needs.

Curious yet?


I’m a strategic marketing thinker with deep expertise in both copy and content who also happens to love to roll up their sleeves and execute.

Whether I’m building out a landing page for a new feature, writing release notes, or building out a marketing drip campaign, my process always starts as follows:


I can’t write product marketing copy without understanding the basics of your product and how customers use it. 

The goal is not to become a de facto expert. Instead, I learn the basics to uncover what needs to happen in order to get the positioning, key value props, and messaging just right.

I do this through a mix of in-person interviews with your team, customer interviews, sales and support call recordings, online VOC research, and marketing research tools like Ahrefs and Sparktoro.

This typically takes me a few days for our first project together. However, for any repeat projects, this process is much shorter.

2. PRoduct Brief

A clear, detailed project brief is key to any successful product marketing collaboration as it improves communication and ensures we’re on the same page around the final deliverables.

  • How your product or feature works
  • Key value props
  • Applicable customer segments
  • Additional notes around customer and marketing positioning
  • Key stakeholders

After writing hundreds – maybe thousands – of project briefs, I can write my own briefs and send them over to you for review. This saves you time not only on creating briefs but also on reducing back-and-forth Zoom calls and editing down the line.


The goal is to map out all of the elements needed. I do my outlines and mockups in Google Docs, Figma, or Miro, depending on the deliverable.

For the first project with a new client, you can expect the process to be more collaborative. Early feedback helps cut down on the editing cycle and makes sure we’re all on the same page around voice, tone, positioning, etc.


At this point, all that’s left to do is turn the outline into polished copy. 

Once the copy is ready to go within the agreed upon deadline, it’s sent to you for review. My typical turnaround times are 3-10 business days.


For the first piece of copy, you can expect 2 rounds of revisions. After that, you’ll still have access to 2 rounds of revisions. However, most of my clients typically rely on one round of revisions.


I’ll work with you and your design team to get this project mocked up and live.


Once the project is live, we’ll do a post-mortem. 

In addition, I can provide a distribution plan and a 30-day report post-launch. 

Ready to WORK WITH ME?

If you are business meets these criteria, then we’ll probably be a great fit:

  • You’re a B2B SaaS or professional service firm.
  • You have Product-Market Fit in one niche (even if it is tiny!)

Ready to get started?