Community Strategy

Whether you are still trying to decide whether or not to build a community or you already have hundreds of thousands of active, engaged community members, I can help you every step of the way. Here’s some of the areas that I specialize in, along with some brands that I have worked with.

Community Building

  • Identify your new community’s unique value-add.
  • Launch your community MVP using Lean Startup principles
  • Recruit and onboard your first community members
  • Influencer outreach to build initial buzz and traction.

Social Media and Forum Moderation

  • Draft community guidelines
  • Help you set the tone for your community
  • Techniques for responding to comments and enforcing your community guidelines
  • Host social media and forum moderator training sessions

Influencer Outreach

  • Identify and build relationships with top influencers in your niche
  • Craft email pitches that actually get responses

Competitor Analysis

  • Perform an audit of your top competitors’ communities
  • Provide suggestions for how to differentiate yourself from your competitors

Community Metrics

  • Go beyond vanity metrics such as followers, fans, likes, and retweets.
  • Provide actionable metrics on how your community affects bottom-line business goals, which can include referral traffic, conversion rate, support contact deflection, sentiment analysis, net promoter scores, etc.










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