Here’s what others had to say about working with Jessica.

“I just wanted to say publicly how enormous of an impact Jessica has had around here, from our forum, to our events, masterminds, the podcast, to Dynamite Jobs, Jessica has had a hand in just about everything we do and as a consequence in countless DC businesses. It would be an impossible task to summarize her contributions.

Jessica arrived at the DC with an incredible level of enthusiasm and professionalism. I know I can speak for the entire team when I say that when we needed answers on anything from marketing, to tech, and anything in-between, Jessica has usually been the first call.”
Dan Andrews 

“Jessica was a pleasure to work with. Her communications about the assignment’s purpose and deadlines were clear, and she was able to digest the materials we provided as intended. Her first drafts were 80%+ of the final version – a big time saver for our small team.”
Kera Binns 

“Jessica’s enthusiasm and professional approach was instantly apparent. Jessica produced high quality news and resource content for us, whilst making some insightful and valuable contributions to the community itself.

Jessica is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and shows a desire to get things done. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her within the community and social media space.”

”“Darren Gough 

“Jessica impressed from the very beginning. She has a very unique take on all things digital media. She is completely tapped into the online culture and has a great understanding of Social Networks as it relates to Brand Advertising. She is reliable, resourceful and smart. She is fun to be around and brings an amazing attitude and enthusiasm to her work. ”
Jason Mayo 

“Jessica was able to write compelling, clear content on a highly technical topic with a tight timeframe. Highly recommend her for any technology-enabled firm looking to grow their audience.”

-Davey Gibian, Calypso AI

“Give her a task and she’ll deliver. Give her a problem and she’ll solve it. She rarely rolls her eyes at my requests, which she could have, and she stays until the job gets done. She’s techy, web savvy, nerdy in the best way and smart as hell.”

”“Trevor King 

“While working with Jessica, I was always impressed by her attention to detail and desire to get it right, both for the business and for the clients whom she was constantly striving to help.”  

John Yarbrough 

“Jessica has a drive and passion for staying in touch and connected with the every changing landscape. She was a pleasure to work with, always offering a hand, and great at pulling research or answering a question, what ever we needed answered she would get to the bottom of it.”

Jennifer Winberg