How I can help

I’m a Fractional Director of Marketing and Copywriter who helps mainly B2B SaaS companies (and the service providers that support them) in the ecommerce, remote work, or sales niches capture more market share and profitably acquire more customers using my signature Content Moat Framework.

“Two words: hire her!

Jessica wrote great, carefully researched copy and provided a marvelous marketing plan. She knows all the tricks, tips and methods to help your business grow.”

-Vickie MacFadden 

Some common challenges That Clients Come To me With:

  • Producing a lot of content but it is not consistently translating into a full pipeline of sales-qualified opportunities
  • Still relying mostly on word on mouth to drive new business
  • Missing upselling and cross-selling opportunities with existing customers
  • Struggling to keep up with all of your copy and content needs
  • You want to produce more case studies and customer success stories but have no system and process.

“Jessica is an excellent marketer and always brings constructive ideas to keep pushing on growth. It’s her mix of SEO and content experience, matched with the ability to work fast and efficiently that makes her a great fit for any SaaS. I’ll work with Jessica again!”

– Brian Casel

How We Can Work Together To solve these problems

I’m different from other content marketers in that I am a strategic marketing thinker who can also execute against those strategies. This makes it easier to go from an abstract strategy to real-world deliverables that drive actual business results.

Here’s how we can work together:

We couldn’t be happier with the work that Jessica has done for us. She’s helped us capture wonderful customer case studies and has always been reliable and easy to work with. With Jessica, we now have fresh, engaging, SEO focused content which ultimately helps us grow as a brand. I would highly recommend Jessica to anyone.

– Michael Caslowitz

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