The Little Thing That Separates An Ordinary Community From An Extraordinary One


When it comes to building a loyal, strong community (be it online or offline), it’s often the little things that can make the biggest difference. A community will have these four principles in common.

  • People not ideas
  • Shared identity
  • Rules and Guidelines
  • Similar Values

However what separates an ordinary community from a thriving, fanatical one are the little things. It’s when community members truly care about one another and go the extra mile to help one another at. It’s like when the 98-year-old woman petitions the city to get her driver’s license back so she can drive her friend to the grocery store every week. Or, when a bunch of community members rally around a member, who has fallen on tough times. Or even the community members behind the awesome, Random Acts of Pizza subreddit. (I’ll have more on this initiative in a followup post.)


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