What I’ve Been Reading: November Top Picks


I love when people send me reading recommendations.  Whether it is a book, a blog post or a podcast episode, I devour them all.

As you can imagine, I read a lot. I love sharing the best or most thought-provoking things I read even more.  Here’s my top 4 picks.

1.  Confession – I’ve been on a Brene Brown kick recently. I read her newest book, Braving the Wilderness in 2 days. It is all about belonging, and about a month later I’m still going back through the book and unpacking value bombs. This podcast interview she did with Chase Jarvis sums up some of the central themes of the book.

2. If you follow any big name entrepreneurs on Instagram, it is easy to think that the only key to big-time success is “hustle.” But, is this hustle culture overrated? Arik Hanson presents an insightful perspective in this short post. 

3. Even if you believe in the “hustle culture,” we all still only have the same 24 hours. That’s essentially 8 hours for work, 8 hours for personal stuff and 8 hours for sleep. There’s only so many big things you can focus on. What’s your two big things?

4. I recently re-read Seth Godin’s Purple Cow. It is struck me how timeless the book is. It was written 15 years ago, while some of the examples are outdated, the basic marketing principles and frameworks are still just as relevant today as it was back then.

What are you reading right now? Send me an email here, and let me know.

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