What I’ve Been Reading: May Reading Recs


On the last Sunday of every month, I share recommendations to 4 thought-provoking things I read – or in some cases – listened to in the last month.

1. The pursuit of happiness is baked into the U.S. Declaration of Independence. As a country, we’re obsessed with seeking happiness. As this long read suggests, while we all want happiness, the things that we chase that we think will make us happy – like fancy cars and more material things, rarely do.

2. Can you overdose on happiness?

3. I recently reread Yuval Noah Harari’s book, Sapiens. I can’t stop thinking about this quote.

“If happiness is determined by expectations, then two pillars of our society – mass media and the advertising industry – may unwittingly be depleting the globe’s reservoirs of contentment.”

4. “You are never going to be happy with what you get unless you are happy with what you have.”  Warning: Grab tissues before you watch this video.

What are you reading right now? Drop me an email, and let me know. The only thing I love more than reading is getting thoughtful recommendations for what I should read next.

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